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The development and marketing of innovative products are your strengths. But is that sufficient also for being competitive tomorrow? Markets are in transition:

  • Digitalization leads to increasing transparency. End customers get more information - and therefore are more demanding
  • The governments narrow the playing field with increasing regulation and the setting of incentives
  • Increasing cost pressure and similarity of products endanger profitability

How to deal with these changes in the best way? Is even more investment in product innovation the right answer?

Your customers rate you by their overall impression – resulting from their joint experiences with your products, your services and your communication.

Based on the in-depth expertise of our multidisciplinary team, we can develop a tailor-made approach for you and support you in all aspects: From technical expertise to professionalization of your service up to the extension of your marketing approach and the evaluation of the fundamental business model.

  • t +sd is a strong partner for industrial companies that strive for gaining a competitive advantage by exploring new approaches and ideas in the areas technologies, technical marketing and professional services
  • t +sd supports you with advice, offers project management as well as content development – all the way from the idea to the implementation.
t +sd applies a technology- and supplier-neutral approach when analysing, renewing and modernizing manufacturing technologies for leading producers of metallic parts and systems. Taking alternative manufacturing technologies into consideration will frequently open up further opportunities in material selection and product functionality – this is where a holistic approach will pay off. We support our customers from the project definition through to the implementation of new technologies in their series production.

Producing companies possess great expertise in the technologies they apply; their focus is on continuously optimizing them. What we have learned from hands-on experience in the industry is that the use of new technologies not yet exploited at the company can offer much more potential. Based on experience, technology expertise and precise analysis, t +sd identifies and exploits those hidden potentials for industrial companies in the metalworking sector.

The t +sd concept is based on the structured collection and assessment of production technologies used by the customer. As a next step, we develop strategies tailored to the specific needs of our customers to enhance competitiveness, taking into account and making use of the interactions between manufacturing technology, materials engineering and product. When searching for a suitable technology, our approach will consider a wide range of technologies and providers in order to find the objectively best solution for our customers.

Scientific studies or pragmatic feasibility studies may be required for the specific application, depending on the maturity level of the alternative technology. In-house knowledge and expertise can be complemented by input from research institutes and external experts as required. We will coordinate their contributions and involve machinery and tool suppliers. We only consider our work done once the newly deployed technologies are up and running smoothly in series production.

t +sd offers the following building blocks for optimising value creation for the metalworking industry:

  • Analysis and strategic benchmarking of the manufacturing technology portfolio currently used at the company
  • Search for alternative manufacturing technologies (vendor- and solution-neutral)
  • Feasibility studies in cooperation with technology partners, machine manufacturers and suppliers
  • Analysis of interdependencies between manufacturing technology, materials engineering and product
  • Technology adaptation and advancement until series-production readiness
  • Technological support during series production ramp-up
Marketing usually focuses on promoting the products towards the buying customers. But often - as for example in construction industry - they are not the main receivers of the added value of your solution. A Technical Marketing approach can address and activate the indirect customers and influencers – making use of completely different methods than in product marketing. We support from the defintion of a tailor-made approach up to the coordination during implementation.

In most cases the contractor or the construction company take the buying decision. When doing so, they will mainly check for the fulfilment of defined technical minimum requirements. Even more, they will be looking for products with attractive discounts as well as ease of processing on the construction site and reliable support. But what if the added value of your solution going beyond this is not appreciated by your customers, simply because they are not the ones that benefit from it? This is where a conventional product-centric marketing and sales approach that focusses only on your direct customers reaches its limits.

In addition to a classic product marketing, a technical Marketing approach activates all relevant target groups with a potential impact on the purchasing decision: From architects and planners up to public authorities and institutions to the end customer and subsequent users. The interest of these stakeholders covers a much broader horizon - from the initial idea long before construction starts to the decades of use. The purchasing price may not be so dominant for this target group in the long term. Criteria such as quality, comfort, reliability and sustainability can also play an important role. Activation of these stakeholders into the product and vendor selection process opens new opportunities - long before and after the actual construction phase. In front of them, you can clearly demonstrate the added value of your products and stand out from competition.

Technical marketing is the art of establishing yourself as the first choice for specific challenges. In the course of long-term initiatives, you convince all relevant target groups along the entire value chain of your products. Critical success factor is to present convincing solutions for the challenges encountered in planning, application and use, with the help of customer tailored initiatives. In this way you will be able to enthuse all stakeholders in the long run. With our experience we support leading industrial companies to identify and implement the specifically best approach.

We have experience in expanding and complementing a product marketing approach with technical marketing:

  • Strategy and road map development for technical marketing
  • Implementation, organizational development and change management
  • Conception and coordination of internal competence campaigns
  • Design of communication campaigns or publications
  • Target group specific branding
  • Development of relevant information platforms
  • Professionalization or development and implementation of services
  • Target group events: trainings, seminars, excursions, trade fairs and conventions
  • Building of strategic networks with universities, institutions and experts
  • Projects to influence external conditions (approvals, certificates, external audits etc.)
  • Coordination of technology projects where the technical basics are not yet sufficiently known
  • Performance monitoring in Technical Marketing
A tailor-made service approach is the basis for successfully making the profitable leap from being a replaceable supplier to becoming your customer´s indispensable partner. First and foremost, the t +sd experts support ambitious construction industry suppliers as consultants, project managers and contract developers, applying their methodological knowledge, service-design experience and industry expertise.

Maintaining the competitive edge merely by developing the products further is getting increasingly tougher due to global competition and the generally already high product maturity level. What is largely overlooked is that – besides the still very important aspect of product portfolio quality – there is great potential in product-enhancing services. When selecting a supplier, your customer will often go for that vendor whose service offering helps the customer improve its daily processes, provides proactive support and presents solutions for some of its worries.

t +sd provides support to companies on their promising journey from being an exchangeable product supplier to becoming your customer´s valued partner. Efficient service developments are based on a combination of product, application and industry expertise as well as service design methodologies. Convincing service experiences perfectly tailored to your customer´s needs enable you to tap new economic potentials.

t +sd has substantial experience in clarifying the role of services in the business model of the company. The definition, development and implementation of new services often allows or even demands other methods and mindsets than typically used in product development. With our competence, t +sd can help your company to quickly professionalize its service concept.

t +sd has experience in all stages from the reorientation through to ongoing professionalization and implementation of service products:

  • Elaboration of a service strategy
  • Identification of needs for further action regarding organisational development and change management
  • Service portfolio strategies
  • Definition of a service development process
  • Coordination of service development projects, content development
  • Introduction and implementation of services in the market
  • Services quality assurance


Christoph Wiedner

T +423 79 128 53

Thanks to my education and subsequent professional experience in the areas of materials engineering, metal forming, product development, technical marketing and service design, I have developed an integral view that enables me to correlate different perspectives from the technical side with the economic and strategic requirements. This often results in findings that are not obvious from a purely technical or economical point of view. To support my customers, I apply the experience gained in diverse positions and projects.

Languages: German, English and French

The idea of a lateral-thinker or even a sophisticated strategy will only prove to be of value if, as a result, sleeves are being rolled up and other people are inspired so that the idea is developed further and put into practice. Strategy without practical implementation is just hot air.
Mag. rer. soc. oec.
Carmen Dahl

I have 25 years of professional experience as executive manager in marketing and business development, having worked for globally operating companies in the construction supplier and paper industry, in IT/telecommunications as well as marketing and management consulting. After studying business administration in Vienna, my career has led me to Germany, Switzerland, England, Spain and Scandinavia.

My customers benefit from my extensive and international project expertise and from my pragmatic and business-focused approach. My coaching education and multicultural background help me to successfully manage large and diverse teams.

Languages: German, English, Spanish

My working style is characterized by transparency, consistency and striving for integration of all stakeholders. With my hands on experience I work result-oriented in each project phase. My goal is to create sustainable value for my customers.


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